Magnificent Microbes Added!!

A New Module has been added to our summer line-up.

Magnificent Microbes! 
K.A.S.E.T. – Kids Are Scientists & Engineers Too!
Monday, July 13 through Friday, July 17, 9 am to 12 noon

UConn, Storrs Campus (directions will be sent to participants)

Advance registration required: $200 ($180 if registered before June 7)

Explore unseen worlds that are all around you. Discover microscopic organisms that make your food good, and those that make your food go bad. Learn how yeasts make bread, and bacteria make yogurt, and find out how to keep your kitchen clean from the microbes that can make you sick. Trek outside and hunt for microbes in lawns, ponds and woods! See the colorful microbes that live in ponds, create rust, and help plants to grow. Uncover the microbes that help termites to eat wood. Find microbes that defend themselves with antibiotics. Join us and open your eyes to an exciting new world!