Workshop Descriptions


Archaeology Field School for Kids 

Do you like uncovering evidence to solve mysteries? Do you like the idea of getting your hands dirty while exploring the past? Spend a week with UConn archaeologists exploring the world of field archaeology. You will learn about the science, tools, and methods used by genuine archaeologists and be part of a real archaeological field crew! Participants will be doing hands-on fieldwork and laboratory research at a professional, ongoing archaeological dig. We have been opening new areas of our on-campus dig site each year, and every session we uncover something new! Presented by the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and Connecticut Archaeology Center, part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UConn.


Chemistry: Light, Color, Heat

What keeps you warm and powers appliances in your house? We will experiment with how color is generated in everything from food to fireworks, how energy is stored in fossil fuels and chemicals.  Finally, we will investigate where light comes from and how to harness solar energy. Activities will include tie-dye, making a solar cell using raspberry juice and making ice cream. Please be aware that some of the end of day demonstrations, carried out by the instructor, will involve fire and small explosions!


Explore Your Physical World 

Join us for a week of exploration of the physical world. From rockets to sipping soda, physics surrounds us. For the week, we will become physicists and through hands-on activities investigate the physics of every day life. Activities can include water rockets, liquid nitrogen ice cream, free fall experiments and lots more!


Junior Engineers 

A hands-on engineering module. This program will help you to think like an engineer as you design and create new river crossings and engineer new materials. Explore different materials and how they work. Design and build your creations, too. Take a fieldtrip to some of the technologies on campus and see some of the engineering breakthroughs evident on our campus as well. Work with engineering students on our design challenges to make your ideas and designs solve the problems of tomorrow.


Magnificent Microbes!

 Explore unseen worlds that are all around you. Discover microscopic organisms that make your food good, and those that make your food go bad. Trek outside and hunt for microbes in lawns, ponds and woods! We’ll isolate DNA from bacteria on our bodies to show they make microscopic communities that can keep us healthy. Join us and open your eyes to an exciting new world! Presented by the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, and Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UConn.


Marine Explorers

Investigate how marine plants and animals adapt to their ocean environment during 2 mornings of hands-on activities. On the third day, take a full-day trip to Project Oceanology at UConn’s Avery Point Campus for a lab with live animals and  explore Long Island Sound aboard a research vessel. (This is a 3-day module: 2 mornings and one full-day field trip.)



Do you like to build and create things? You will learn what it’s like to engineer and design robotic devices with an emphasis on teamwork, exploration and field testing. Build and bring home your own small robot. Visit labs and facilities here on campus that rely on robotic devices. Let’s get building! Become the next generation of engineers, programmers and designers. This program will run during normal KASET hours, 9 AM- 12 PM


Space Astronomy 

Celebrate over 400 years of telescopic astronomy by building your own small telescope and learning what’s to be seen in the night sky. We’ll also track planets, a comet and one of the largest asteroids, make and test sundials and a moondial, explore Mars using the latest NASA software, and make an iMovie of you flying around a planet of your choice. In addition to activities in UConn’s Planetarium and astronomy labs, you’ll get to use a telescope at the night observing sessions, and use a solar telescope to observe daytime sunspots if available.


Zoom! Crash! Instant Replay! 

Make your own science movie! You will fly rubber band powered airplanes higher than most buildings at UConn! You will also shoot water rockets high into the sky. You will design and test marble roller coasters. Other activities may include trebuchets and egg drops. You will capture all the action on video and then create exciting movies to demonstrate some laws and principles of physics and chemistry. You will use iMovie, iPhoto and Garage-Band to demonstrate your understanding of various scientific explorations on the small screen. You will take home a DVD of your team’s movie to share with your family and friends.

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